Pull Content

Download content from your spreadsheet and apply them to your design.

A Pull will download content from your spreadsheet and apply it to your design.

The Pull is the main workhorse of ContentSync. The Pull lets you update your design as your spreadsheets get updated.

As will a push, the Pull will update the selected layers.

Adobe XD only allows certain layers to be modified at a time. This typically becomes an issue with components. ContentSync will do its best to prompt you to select which group of layers to update but note that Adobe XD

Spreadsheet Pull

A spreadsheet pull will do a full update from your remote Spreadsheet. This may take a few moments as the data is downloaded but it ensures it will be the most up to date content.

Quick Pull

Sometimes you may want to update parts of a design quickly with data that is already downloaded. The Quick Pull lets you apply previously downloaded data from a Spreadsheet Pull to the selected layers.

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