Sketch - Getting Started

Get started with ContentSync and Sketch!

1. Download & Install

Download the ContentSync Sketch Plugin.

Open the file and you should see the ContentSync for Sketch installer. Double click on the highlighted file: SketchContentSync.sketchplugin.

Confirm the Sketch will dialog box confirming you would like to install it.

Now that ContentSync for Sketch it installed, you will have the new ContentSync interface panels added to your Sketch.

2. Download The Start File

Download the contentsync-intro-walkthrough.sketch starter file and open it in Sketch.

You can also see a reference google spreadsheet.

3. Create an Account

Once the file has opened, you will notice a new ContentSync panel installed at the top right of Sketch. Click the Click to Start ContentSync button to get started.

This will open the login / signup window. Go ahead and log in with either your Google or Microsoft account to simplify setup.

4. Create a Project

Once you have logged in, the ContentSync pane will now prompt you for a project.

Click on Select / Create Project to get the dropdown then select New Project.

Go ahead and fill in the project name and description as you would like and press Create Project.

If for some reason the Create Project loading takes too long or fails, go to your ContentSync Platform dashboard. From there you can update your project to link properly if there was an issue. If the project is stuck in "Project is creating the spreadsheet", press esc and then press "Connect/Create Spreadsheet" again.

5. Push Content

Once your project is configured, you can now select the version to use.

Once you select or create a version, press Push. Once complete, your content will appear on your spreadsheet!

6. The Spreadsheet

ContentSync automatically create the spreadsheet on your account for you. Click on the gear icon on the right side and then Open Spreadsheet and your new spreadsheet will open.

7. New Version

Now you can modify the spreadsheet by adding versions and changing content however you would like.

8. Refresh Versions

In order for ContentSync to recognize new versions on your spreadsheet, you must refresh the versions from Sketch. To do this, press the refresh icon within the versions dropdown:

Once this is complete, your new versions will appear in the version dropdown!

9. Pull Content

Now that your new version is in the dropdown, select the new version and then press Pull. This will update your design to content of the new version!

Congratulations, your first Sync!

10. Explore

Now that you understand the basics of ContentSync, you can explore the power of all the features. Learn how to customize keys, use type overrides, sync images and more!

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