What is ContentSync?

ContentSync maps data between your design and spreadsheets to let you quickly update content.

The Spreadsheet

Content is organized into keys and versions in a spreadsheet. The first column is always the keys, and every other column is a content version. Each row has a content key.

Content Version

A Content Version is a collection of content. These are columns on a spreadsheet.

Content Key

A Content Key is a unique identifier of a piece of content. These are rows on a spreadsheet.

Transferring Content

Content can be updated in both directions Push and Pull. Updating only a portion of a design is known as a Selective Push or Selective Pull since it will only update the selected design layers.


A Push transfers content from a design file to a spreadsheet. This will automatically create any missing content keys in the spreadsheet for the design layers that are pushed.


A Pull transfers content from a spreadsheet into a design. The design will be updated with the chosen content version.

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