ContentSync can also be used from other Sketch plugins too. Use ContentSync.API() within Sketch plugin code to integrate and extend ContentSync.

ContentSync.API().versions(callback(ok, data))

ContentSync.API().versions(...) will return a list of versions from your linked ContentSync project. Callback should be a function which takes two parameters, ok and data.

Function Definition

ok - true if successful, false if error

data- List of version objects if ok==true and error details if ok==false asasa

version - Object of the format:

    name: string,
    syncable: boolean


An example Sketch script which would print out the versions looks like this:

function withV(v){

// Fetch ContentSync versions and print them out
ContentSync.API().versions((ok, data) => {
    if(!ok) console.log("Error: ", data);

ContentSync.API().pull(versions, callback(ok, data))

Coming soon.

ContentSync.API().syncSelection(version_name, data, selection, callback(ok, data))

Coming soon.


ContentSync.API() is still in early development. Please contact us or create a Github issue to request additional features or report any problem.

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