Content Versions

A Content Version is a collection of content. These are columns of a spreadsheet.

You can use Content Versions to:

  • Translate - Create different versions for each language

  • Personalize - Create different versions for each user or persona

  • Iterate - Create different versions as you iterate your content

  • Branding - Create different versions based on region or segmentation

  • Reusing - Create different versions for each campaign, report, email, etc

Anatomy of a Content Version

The spreadsheet is ContentSync's core content management. This lets you utilize all the power of modern spreadsheets and keep your content is both organized and functional in a grid.

The first column is always the Content Key column.

Each other column of the spreadsheet is a content version.

For example, imagine your design has a title and description and you want to have multiple languages of this content. It could be represented as the following spreadsheet:






My title!

¡Mi título!

내 제목!


A short description.

Una breve descripción.

간단한 설명.

The above table would define 3 content versions: English, Spanish and Korean and 2 content keys: title and description.

Content Keys

Creating and Managing Versions

Creating a Version

To create a new version is as simple as adding a new column on your spreadsheet. In order for ContentSync to recognize this new version, you may need to trigger a "Update Versions from Spreadsheet" (see each specific plugin for more details).

Set Version to Not Be Syncable

Sometimes your spreadsheet may contain additional columns you do not want anybody to sync to. To prevent a version from being syncing, go to your project at, navigate to your project, go to settings > versions press the edit button next to a version. From there you can toggle the version you'd like to not be syncable.

Syncing A Version

To sync a design with a version requires you to install the ContentSync plugin of your choice. Once you have installed and configured it, you just select the version and sync.

Syncing a version can be done in both directions!

To learn more about how syncing works, check out the specific plugin you would like to work with:

Adobe XD PluginSketch Plugin

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