Security & Data

Data & Encryption

All ContentSync data is encrypted at rest with AES-256. All communications with ContentSync are secured over HTTPS.

Data & Storage

ContentSync stores information necessary for services. This including storing sync data for a period of time while syncs and associated services are being performed. ContentSync may store this information for up to 30 minutes.

Design images and data will be stored if you do a design sync. This is required for our canvas view to work. All images and information are securely stored to ensure only permitted users have access.

Data & Access

All of your Google and Microsoft data is accessed through their APIs through a verified OAuth authentication you provide to ContentSync. You can revoke that access any time through Google and Microsoft. ContentSync uses that authentication during services to sync your data with a spreadsheet. Data is updated through our API to theirs and passes through our servers to properly map and sync data for our services.

Payment Processing

All payment processing is done through our payment processor, Stripe, and credit card details are stored outside of our architecture.