Adobe XD - Getting Started

Get started with ContentSync and Adobe XD!

1. Download and Install

You can download ContentSync for Adobe XD directly or through the Adobe XD plugin store.

You can also download our simple starter file to try out ContentSync.

You can see and make a copy of our simple starter Google Spreadsheet too.

2. Open Adobe XD

Once installed, ContentSync will appear in your Adobe XD plugins:

3. Create an Account

Opening the plugin and click Get Started!. This will open a login box where you can choose the account you'd like to use - Google or Microsoft.

4. Create a Project

The next step is to create a project. Click the Create New Project button.

Enter the project name and press Create. This will create the project and the spreadsheet in the background. Once complete, you'll be ready to sync!

Issues getting your project set up? Check out the ContentSync platform ( for better setup and troubleshooting. As always, feel free to contact support if you need help.

5. Select Version

Now select a version to work with. For now click on Version 1.

6. First Push

Now select your whole design to sync all the contents. Once selected, you will see the content keys on the right side. This just shows you what keys will be synced. Now press Push > Push Content.

Once complete, open your spreadsheet and you'll find all of your content synced to your spreadsheet!

You can easily open your spreadsheet by going to Project > Open Spreadsheet.

7. Create New Version

Now in your spreadsheet we can quickly make a new version. Just fill out the contents for Version 2 on your spreadsheet. We chose to use google translate to make a Spanish version, but you can make it anything you would like.

8. First Pull

For your first pull, in Adobe XD, select your content version Version 2 and press Spreadsheet Pull.

Once it loads, you'll be prompted for updates. Press Update to see your changes take effect.

9. Wrapping Up

Voila! You now have pushed content from your design to a spreadsheet, created a new content version and pulled that new version into your design.

This is just the basics. Explore all the features and become a pro. You'll be amazed at the content systems you can create with a spreadsheet!

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